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The Tuesday Quick-Fix

Hi folks and welcome back to the Tuesday Quick-Fix! We’ll definitely make this a regular thing!

Hope you had a great week so far. As always it’s a pleasure to have you here.

Today, I have not one, but two tasty treats for you. I had the pleasure of trying these dishes while I was visiting my wonderful friends Bea and Sergio in Spain.

We’ll start with a traditional “Spanish omelette” or “Spanish tortilla”. I love this one, because how simple and delicious it is and also it lasts a couple of days so it could save you from cooking a few times.

20130102_204738What do you need:

Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Cut the potatoes into thin slices or small dices, chop the onions and fry them in a pan with some olive oil. Cook them on medium heat until the potatoes are soft.

Once that’s done, drain the potatoes, but do not throw away the oil, we’ll use that in a bit.

Then beat the eggs in a large bowl and add the potatoes and the onions. Mix well and leave to sit for 10-20 minutes.

Place the mixture into the pan with the oil and fry on one side and then very important – the flip!

Place a plate on top of the pan and then carefully flip the pan so it leaves the tortilla upside-down on the plate. Make sure to do it very quickly.

Then slide the omelette back into the pan to cook on the other side.

You can eat it hot or cold or even take some with you at the office for a nice lunch.

Enjoy and let me know what your favorite Spanish dish is. Feel free to comment below or on the Facebook Page!

Let’s move on to our next recipe of the day!

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