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Hi folks! Welcome back and as always it’s great to have you here!

This evening it’s somewhat of a sad day, one of our colleagues is leaving us to explore greener pastures. So best of luck to our good friend Max and we hope you enjoy the beaches of Australia.

As a farewell, in good ol’ English fashion, we decided to have a traditional pub crawl through the many pubs of Canterbury, England.

We decided to start our pub crawl at one of the best pubs here in CanterburyEngland. If you ever make your way here be sure to visit The Picture House. This pub has the best burgers in town and since I haven’t tried them yet, I figured today would be the perfect excuse to do so.

Looking at the menu, the selection of burgers is quite impressive, in the end I decided on the “House Double Burger”, one of the more traditional burgers on the menu. Among the options we had a Greek burger, Italian-style and Jaws (as you would expect, that’s a fish burger)

The ultimate hunger-buster, this beef extravaganza will sure have you challenged and delighted at the same time. With 16oz of quality beef, mature cheddar, tomatoes, lettuce, gherkins baby gem and with a side of fries and battered onion rings, this ultimate burger will satisfy the hunger of any beef lover.

It goes perfect with a cold beer and will get you ready for the pub crawl that lies ahead.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!
Picture House Burger

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